September 6, 2016 Colorado Springs, CO – IACE Action, organized as a 501(c)4, announced today the launch of a radio advertisement dedicated to educating Colorado voters on the lack of legislative success and leadership failures of Colorado’s senior senator Michael Bennet.

“Michael Bennet is among the lowest scoring senators on the popular website, with failing grades for working with the House, leadership, finding cosponsors for his bills, introducing bills, writing and joining bipartisan bills and committee positions”, said Laura Carno, Colorado Springs resident and IACE Action founder. “In such important areas as school choice, tax policy, small business, working families and national security, Michael Bennet is on the wrong side of the issues. Additionally, his legislative record is one of failure.”

In the parody ad being launched today, IACE Action founder Carno is depicted as leaving messages for Senator Bennet’s office, highlighting some of these concerns. The radio ad can be heard here.

“A large majority of Americans agree that the country is on the wrong track”, Carno said. “We are working to educate Colorado voters on how ‘Do Nothing Bennet’ is part of the problem, not the solution.”

For more information, please visit For questions or to schedule an interview about Do Nothing Bennet, please use our Contact Us page to get in touch with IACE Action.

Radio Advertisement Script:

Hey Senator Bennet it’s Laura Carno calling from Colorado Springs. GovTrack shows you’re dead last among all senators in working with the House of Representatives. What’s up with that?

Senator Bennet, Laura Carno. Parents think they should pick the best schools for their kids.  You don’t. That doesn’t make any sense. Please call me back.

Senator Bennet?  Senator Bennet? GovTrack gives you a failing grade. And you’re against parents choosing the right school for their kids. That’s just great.

Senator, what exactly do you do all day? Call me back.

Seriously?  Senator Bennet, we have a Do Nothing Senate because Colorado has a Do Nothing Bennet.

Hey Colorado, A Do Nothing Senate with a Do Nothing Bennet — that isn’t good for any of us.  

Paid for By IACE Action.