Last week, our sister organization IACE Action (which is organized as a 501(c)(4)) launched a sixty second radio ad highlighting the lack of any significant achievements by Colorado Senator Michael Bennet during his time in office.

This ad can be heard at

The parody ad describes Senator Bennet’s poor grades on the popular website, which ranked him dead last in working with the House. He scored poorly on other key measures as well.

There is no doubt that Senator Michael Bennet, in addition to being a poor performer, has actually harmed Colorado families through his support of Obamacare. Senator Bennet has also increased the risk of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons because of his support of the Iran deal.

I hope Colorado voters take a close look at Senator Bennet’s record and ask him the tough questions, as we have done in our ad.

We have a do nothing Senate, because Colorado has a do nothing Bennet.

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Thank you for your interest in I Am Created Equal and Do Nothing Bennet.

Laura Carno
Founder, I Am Created Equal

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